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If you’ve got a plumbing, HVAC or electrical issue in your home, it’s no fun. And the repair process is even less fun. HomeX is a startup that’s trying to make the whole process way less painful. Their goal is to radically improve the experience, and they do so in a myriad of ways. We suggested that they really lead with a feature that no one else has—HomeX remote assist and repair. They’ll remotely diagnose your problem via phone or video chat, 24/7. Often times they’ll be able to help you fix it yourself. If they can’t, they’ll send someone to your house. And since they already remotely diagnosed your problem, you’ll have a super-accurate estimate, and your licensed pro will show up with all the parts to get the job done quickly and easily. We differentiated the brand from the pack with a fun, smart and playful tone coupled with a visual identity and art direction that said we mean business, but we’re not afraid to have a good time doing it. We’ve launched in 2 test markets in 2020 and plan to roll out nationally in the coming year.

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On top of all the work you just saw, we also created an illustration catalog showing the many things HomeX can help you fix (and the people who fix them). We’ll probably never be done with this project.