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Eden Health

If you’re a person who uses healthcare in America, you’ll probably agree that the system is pretty broken. Eden Health is changing that by offering employers a new benefit that will help their employees better navigate the system. It’s a collaborative approach to healthcare that includes a mobile app to allow easy access to primary care, mental healthcare, and insurance navigation. Eden came to us for a campaign that would catch the attention of potential customers in heavily trafficked Penn Station. In less than a month, (and over the holidays, we might add), we developed their positioning, then created and produced this takeover campaign. According to sales figures, we got at least a few people to look up from their phones. 

  • Outdoor

With a suite of clever headlines and a visually streamlined set of printed and animated assets, we took Penn station by storm.

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In a true takeover style, our campaign messaging had to be attention-grabbing and work in various formats, both large and small.


We expanded the campaign into digital, where we took over websites and produced social media content.

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