Catholic Charities is a completely non-denominational human services organization serving refugees, immigrants, the elderly, homeless, HIV victims and after school programs. They are the largest provider of social services in the Bay Area. The problem is that since they work largely behind the scenes, very few people know they exist. To make things worse, anyone who does know them believes that they are funded by the Catholic Church, despite receiving just 1% of their funding from the church.

Catholic Charities came to us hoping to launch an integrated campaign that could raise awareness about their impact in the Bay Area and dispel any misconception that Catholic Charities was an organization funded by or exclusively for, Catholics.

We helped re-position them as the most essential champion of human services in the Bay Area, that few understand or even know. We helped them articulate this with a bold new brand look and voice, and used that new branding to inform the development an integrated advertising campaign.


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