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We helped launch Oculus’ first virtual reality headset designed for everyday consumers, the Samsung Gear VR. Our national digital and mobile campaign targeted tech enthusiasts and gamers eager to jump into the work of VR entertainment. The following year we supported the launch of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift with a digital campaign to drive in-store demos at Best Buy and also expanded our digital campaign for the second-generation Samsung Gear VR to include Europe as well as the United States. In a year and a half, over 5 million Samsung Gear VR headsets were sold, all powered by the Oculus platform.

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  • Outdoor

We focused on helping people imagine what could come from this immersive new space rather than just show it. We started with Gear VR, then moved on to launch Rift—mild motion sickness was expected.


We also helped launch Oculus Rift, which is the full-on, smack-you-in-the-face VR experience. We targeted hard core gamers & early adopters for the introduction of this new paradigm.