Maurice Kanbar invented one of the world’s largest vodka brands, sold it and spent the last two decades giving his money away to worthy causes. And at 89 years old, Maurice wanted to do it one more time with his latest vodka, Blue Angel. Can you imagine starting a company for the sole reason of extending charitable giving? And can you imagine doing at the fine old age of 89?

With that back-story as our central starting point, we built the Blue Angel brand, developing nearly every facet: look, feel, tone and voice. Then moved to website design and build, on and off-premise collateral, a short documentary telling Maurice’s story, created and managed their social media channels while creating and producing all social assets, brand photography, product photography, a series of five TV commercials featuring local Bay Area bartenders, out of home and more. Additionally, we managed all of their paid, earned and owned media.


01 Bav Ooh Bulletin 02 Bav Ooh Wallscape 03 Bav Ooh Newsrack 04 Bav Ooh Newsrack



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