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Pretty much every company has security tools to protect their cloud network. Unfortunately, there are threats their security tools cannot see, leaving them vulnerable. Gigamon supercharges a company’s tools by giving them network level intelligence, allowing them to detect unseen threats and mitigate risk. 

The network security space is crowded. How do you stand out amidst all of the noise? Well, first you figure out how to concisely communicate a complicated product benefit. Second, you put that benefit in a truly differentiated, clutter-busting creative wrapper that’s impossible to ignore.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Demand Gen
  • Experiential

The first campaign concentrated on the false sense of security an organization can have if they believe their network is 100% safe with their existing tools. The truth is, without Gigamon’s deep observability, they could really get caught with their pants down.

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At trade shows, we used geofencing and digital banners to draw people to the booth, where we had a pantless, singing Elvis and lots of fun swag. Engagement was through the roof, with tons of sales appointments made on the first day. 

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For the next campaign we talked about vulnerability in a new way. Again, emphasizing that without Gigamon, there are threats you just can’t see.


Continuing our streak of bringing live music acts to trade shows, this year our booth featured an appearance from everyone’s favorite boy band “The Hack Street Boys”, and giveaways like sweatshirts and blankets that were some of the most sought-after merch at the event.


Now for some (pretty impressive) results from the campaign.

Results 1
Results 2
Results 3
Results 4