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Pretty much every company has security tools to protect their cloud network. Unfortunately, there are threats their security tools cannot see, leaving them vulnerable. Gigamon supercharges a company’s tools by giving them network level intelligence, allowing them to detect unseen threats and mitigate risk. But without Gigamon, a company could get caught with their pants down.

The network security space is crowded. How do you stand out amidst all of the noise? Well, first you figure out how to concisely communicate a complicated product benefit. Second, you put that benefit in a truly differentiated, clutter-busting creative wrapper that’s impossible to ignore. Third, get ready to be rewarded for bucking the boring B2B trend with various metrics that exceed the previous campaign by 100-1700%.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Demand Gen
  • Experiential

We wrote, directed and produced campaign videos with an average clickthrough rate of .72% compared to the industry benchmark of .20%.

We created a new homepage for Gigamon that integrated with the rest of the campaign. The website bounce rate went from 89% to an astounding 37%.


The campaign drove to a new landing page, which became the most visited page on the site, exceeding even the homepage. Total network traffic increased by 400% and the landing page saw a 100%+ increase in visits when compared to the previous campaign.

The ebook that we helped create saw a 400% increase in downloads compared to the previous campaign.


The campaign idea had legs (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves) and was easy to roll out in multiple mediums.

We also created a pool of headlines, body copy and assets to be used for a range of Demand Gen applications, including banners, emails, webinars, video and call scripts. Display clickthrough rate was .57% compared to the industry benchmark of .15%.

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At Cisco Live 2022 we used geofencing and digital banners to get people to come check out our pantless Elvis singing custom lyrics. We also created unique event wrappers and leave-behinds. Engagement was through the roof, with over 50 appointments with potential new customers made the first day.

Photography stills taken on the set of the video shoot created more campaign assets in an economical way.

30 and 8 second cutdowns of the video