Many people recognize the aquarium for the entertainment and education they offer through the aquarium experience, but not nearly as many view them as a world leader in ocean conservation.

The aquarium asked us to come up with an idea that would stop people, get their attention and make them think about the problem of plastic in the ocean. Our idea? A life-sized blue whale made out of locally-sourced plastic trash set in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge on Crissy Field for three months. With a focus on earned media impressions, we’ve surpassed the goal nearly threefold with a reach of 850M+, hundreds of thousands of impressions via foot and drive by traffic and countless organic shared social media posts. The campaign was also supported with a digital and social campaign, as well as a short film we wrote, shot and produced.

A few months prior to the whale’s installation, we also helped the aquarium with an out-of-home and digital campaign focused on inviting visitors to the aquarium. The campaign recently won Gold in the prestigious 2018 Graphis International Advertising Annual.


Mba Whale 3 Mba Whale 2@2X



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